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Faxing Step 2 of 4

Faxing Step 2 of 4

After your username and password have been verified, the above dialog will appear. Your FaxIt Nice balance will appear in large bold letters in the middle of this dialog. All currency is displayed in United States Dollars (USD)


1 . Back Button Back Button

Back Button

Click Here to go back one step in the process.


2 . Country Selection Country Selection

Country Selection

Select the Country where the fax is being sent to.


3 . Fax Number Fax Number

Fax Number

Enter the destination fax number. Do not include the country code when entering the fax number. For example, if sending a fax to the United States at the number 1-760-555-1234 (where the country code is 1), simply enter 7605551234 in this field without the country code and without dashes, periods, or other number separation. The full 10 digit number (3 digit area code + 7 digit number) must be entered for faxes being sent to the United States.


4 . Continue Button Continue Button

Continue Button

Click Here to continue with the faxing process.


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