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Creating Form Fields

Creating Form Fields

To create a new form field, click the Add Form Field tool.



Like adding any other type of object, you drag out a box on the PDF where you want to add the form field.


Upon marking out the box, a dialog will appear prompting you to specify the form field name.



Enter a form field name. (You should try to avoid using the same form field name or else PDFtypewriter will rename your fields in order to avoid several form fields from having the same name.)


Click the OK button and the form field will be added to the PDF.



1 . Form Field Name Form Field Name

Form Field Name

This is the read/write property which will be the form field name when it is added. This can be changed later.


2 . OK Button OK Button

OK Button

Click Here to accept the properties for the object and add the form field object.


3 . Form Field Type Form Field Type

Form Field Type

Select the type of form field to add, CHECKBOX or TEXT.


4 . Cancel Button Cancel Button

Cancel Button

Click Here to cancel the creation of the object.


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