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PDFtypewriter Help Files

Installing PDFtypewriter

Installing PDFtypewriter

To install PDFtypewriter, simply run the EXE file.   The EXE file will extract itself and automatically initiate the install procedure.


The PDFtypewriter installer should detect any software that is required which you do not have installed. The most common of these is the Microsoft Installer. Our software will detect for it and then install the needed version.


If you are running Windows 98, ME, NT, or 2000, you may need to have installed the Microsoft Installer 2.0.


Windows 98 and ME users, you can download this free upgrade directly from Microsoft at:



Windows 2000 and NT users, you can download this free upgrade directly from Microsoft at:



Windows XP users should have this installed by default, but if you do not, download and install the Windows 2000 version at the link listed above.


Windows Vista / Windows 7 users will not need to install any prerequisite software.


Once you have finished installing PDFtypewriter, you should click the shortcut to PDFtypewriter on your desktop to run it so that PDFtypewriter will setup the other features that the software includes (such as the PDF Printer Driver)



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