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PDFtypewriter Help Files

Font Tab

Font Tab

On the FONT tab you can set the default font for text objects when adding new text objects.


The DEFAULT FONT drop down will allow you to select an installed font on your system to use with PDFtypewriter.   The default value is Arial.


The DEFAULT SIZE drop down will allow you to set the default text size.   Please note that this is NOT points, but pixels.   When a PDF is opened at 100 DPI, there are 100 pixels to one inch.   In PDFtypewriter, 12 is NOT the same as 12 points in Microsoft® Word®.   The font size also varies by the dpi that you opened the PDF with.   So if you opened it with 200 dpi, 12 will be the same as 6 in a PDF opened at 100 dpi.   The default size is 25.


The DEFAULT COLOR drop down will allow you to select a color for text to default to with it is first added.   The default color is black.


The STYLE OPTIONS will allow you to set BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINE, and STRIKETHROUGH as default styles to the text.   By default, they are all unselected.


The SAMPLE TEXT BOX will allow you to preview approximately what the text will look like in PDFtypewriter.


Also see Advanced Tab



1 . Tabs Tabs


Click a Tab to view more preferences available in PDFtypewriter.


2 . Default Font Default Font

Default Font

Select the default font name.


3 . Default Font Size Default Font Size

Default Font Size

Select default font size.


4 . Default Style Options Default Style Options

Default Style Options

Check the default font style options to use for text added in PDFtypewriter.


5 . OK Button OK Button

OK Button

Click Here to save the preferences and close the preferences dialog.


6 . Cancel Button Cancel Button

Cancel Button

Click Here to close the preferences dialog.


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