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PDFtypewriter Help Files

Converting PDF file to DOC / RTF / EMF / WMF / SVG

Converting PDF file to DOC / RTF / EMF / WMF / SVG

Click ADVANCED -> CONVERT TOOLS -> CONVERT PDF to MS WORD DOCUMENT (.DOC) (or other option as appropriate).


You will be prompted to select a PDF file to convert.


You will then be prompted to select where you want to save the output DOC file, output RTF file, output EMF file, output WMF file, or output SVG file.


After selecting both of these locations, the conversion will begin.


The following Status Dialog will appear updating you on the status of the conversion:



In order to export as DOC, Microsoft® Word® 2000 or higher must be installed on your computer.


NOTE: In order to view the DOC / RTF files created by PDFtypewriter in Microsoft® Word®, you must be in PRINT LAYOUT MODE, not NORMAL MODE.


To put Microsoft® Word® in PRINT LAYOUT MODE, click VIEW-> PRINT LAYOUT.



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