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Form Field Object (3 of 7)

Form Field Object (3 of 7)

This tab is only available on Text Form Field Objects


The Border Fill tab allows you to change the border and fill colors of the box, circle, arrow, or line (fill is not applicable to the line object).


Clicking the style drop down under the border, will allow you to change the object border to solid, transparent, dashed, or dotted.


Clicking the style drop down under the fill, will allow you to change the object fill to solid, transparent, hashed, or cross-hatched.


Clicking the Border/Line Width drop down will allow you to change the width of the lines or borders of the selected object.


Click the CHANGE button next to border color or fill color to change the respective color. Refer to Selecting a Color under the PDFtypewriter basics for more information about selecting a color.


See Form Field Object (4 of 7)



1 . Tabs Tabs


Select a tab to view and edit the properties for a PDFtypewriter object type.


2 . Border Style Border Style

Border Style

Select the border style for the current object.


3 . Border Width Border Width

Border Width

Select the width of the border or line in the current object. This property will only be used if the border style is not transparent.


4 . Border Color Border Color

Border Color

Click Change to change the border color for the current object. This color will only be shown if the Border/Line Width is greater than 0 and the Border Style is not transparent.


5 . OK Button OK Button

OK Button

Click Here to accept the changes to the object and return to the main PDFtypewriter editor.


6 . Cancel Button Cancel Button

Cancel Button

Click Here to cancel the modifications made to the properties.


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