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PDFtypewriter Help Files

Opening a PDF

Opening a PDF

To open a PDF click the New (1) icon above, or click FILE (2)-> OPEN PDF FILE FOR EDITING.

If you click the icon (if you used the toolbar this dialog will not appear and you will proceed directly to selecting a PDF file), you will be presented with the above popup dialog.


Click OPEN PDF (4).


You will then be able to select the PDF that you want to open:


Find the PDF you want to edit and open it.


The PDF will then load into PDFtypewriter displaying a progress bar.


Once the PDF is loaded, you will be able to begin making changes to the PDF document.


1 . File Menu File Menu

File Menu

Click Here to drop down the main file actions in PDFtypewriter including:

  • Create New PDF

  • Open PDF

  • Recent PDF Files

  • Save PDF files

  • Exporting PDF as Image / PostScript

  • Export PDF as Word Documents

  • Import / Export Form Field Data

  • Print PDF Files

  • Fax PDF Files

  • PDFtypewriter Preferences / Options

  • Quitting


2 . New Icon New Icon

New Icon

Click Here to get started using PDFtypewriter. The first time you click here the dialog shown down and to the right will appear giving you the option to choose to Create a New PDF from scratch or to Open a PDF file saved on your computer. Clicking the drop down arrow will display a list of getting starting options including Open PDF from File, New Blank PDF, Open PDF from URL, and Advanced PDF Open.


3 . Open Button Open Button

Open Button

Click Here to open a PDF file in PDFtypewriter

4 . Open a PDF File Open a PDF File

Open a PDF File

Click Here to open a PDF File on your computer. A open dialog will appear allowing you to navigate to and choose the PDF file you wish to open. This file will then be loaded into PDFtypewriter.


5 . Recent Files Recent Files

Recent Files

Select a recent document to be opened by clicking the file's name

6 . Preferences Preferences


Click Here to view and edit PDFtypewriter options.

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