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Sorry, but all PDFtypewriter sales ended Jun 26, 2015.
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PDFtypewriter Faxing

CTdeveloping has partnered with FaxIt Nice to create the first PDF software to support faxing online through the online FaxIt Nice faxing system. PDF files can now be sent from PDFtypewriter desktop software for as little as 15 cents per page to anywhere in the United States.


PDFtypewriter now allows you to create a new file or open any existing PDF file and make changes to it. Then simply click FILE-> SEND AS FAX and after a few short steps, the current document will be uploaded to FaxIt Nice and sent via fax to any destination in the world. All you need is a FaxIt Nice account with a few credits on it.


15 Cents Per Page! Send faxes for as little as $0.15 USD per page. You simply purchase a pack of credits upfront and what you use is deducted from your balance. If you start to run low on credits, simply visit FaxIt Nice online and purchase more with a PayPal account or Credit Card


Credits Do NOT Expire and can be used simply as needed.


There is NO Monthly or Setup Fees. Only pay for the faxes you send and when you need to send them. This unique pricing model allows occasional fax senders and regular fax senders alike to both save money and only pay for what they use. Most other companies charge $15 and up per month (plus a setup fee). With those same $15, you could send 100 pages of faxes through FaxIt Nice, and each fax comes with an optional free cover page!


Visit http://www.faxitnice.com/ctdeveloping/ to set up a FaxIt Nice Account.



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