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Exporting As Image / PostScript

Exporting As Image / PostScript

To export any file or single page as an image, simply click FILE -> EXPORT AS IMAGE / POSTSCRIPT. You will then be presented with the above dialog. Here you can select image type, quality, and after clicking the Export button, the file destination.


At this time PDFtypewriter can export:

  • BMP (Bitmap) Images

  • JPEG Images

  • PCX Images

  • PNG Images

  • TIFF Images (both 1 file per page and a single file per PDF)

  • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) Files

  • PostScript (PS) Files

1 . Image Type Image Type

Image Type

Select the image type to export as.


2 . Export DPI Export DPI

Export DPI

If exporting as JPG or PNG, this is what is the quality that the images will be exported as. (1-100)


3 . Page Range Page Range

Page Range

Select the page range to export to image. If All Pages are exported, they will be named FileName_0000n.etx where etx is the extension for the type and n is the page number.


4 . Export Button Export Button

Export Button

Click Here to start exporting process. If you selected ALL PAGES, the files will be named with the file name you have given with _0000n.ext where ext is the file extension for the image type and n is the page number. Files with the same name will automatically be overwritten.


5 . Cancel Button Cancel Button

Cancel Button

Click Here to Cancel and return to PDFtypewriter.


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