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Changing Objects

Changing Objects

The Pointer tool in the upper left hand corner is the default tool for editing a PDF.   It selects objects that you have added as well as allows you to resize these objects when they are selected.


When selected, an object has a black border around it with 8 little black squares around it.   The four squares at the corners, when clicked on will allow you to resize the height and width at the same time.

The four squares on the sides allow you to resize an object in a single direction.


If you right click any object, a drop down will appear.

You will have the option to:

(1)           Delete the object

(2)         Cut the object to the clipboard

(3)         Copy the object to the clipboard

(4)         View the Properties of the object (when only one object is selected)

(5)                   Bring to Front the object

(6)         Send to Back the object

(7)         Line Up Selected Objects when you select more than one object (this is further discussed later)

(8)         Copy To All Pages As Watermark (this is further discussed later)


If you double click a form field object or text object that you added to the PDF, this will put the text or form object in edit mode, allowing you to change the text, type in new text, or delete text.


Pressing the delete key will delete all selected objects.



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