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PDFtypewriter Help Files

Printing a PDF

Printing a PDF

To print an open PDF, click the PRINT icon or FILE-> PRINT


The above dialog will appear.


Select the Number of Copies that you want printed of the current PDF.


Click the PRINTER SETUP / CHOOSE PRINTER button in order to choose which print you want to print the PDF to.   This will also let you select the page size that you are printing to, color options, and other settings that your printer supports.


Selecting All Pages will print all the pages, while the From: x To: y will allow you to print a select number of pages.


Checking the Use Advanced Printer Calls option will allow you to send the PDF to the printer in vector form instead of RAW bitmap format.   This requires PDFtypewriter to save temporarily as a PDF, which is then ripped over to PS and interrupted for more advanced printing.   This results in better quality, although it will send a little more time to send it to the printer.   If you have an older computer or printer you SHOULD use this option as while it will take longer to send to the printer, it will do so more efficiently and be able to spool it with less cache needed.


Click the PRINT button to start printing.



1 . Page Range Page Range

Page Range

Use these options to select the range of pages to print.


2 . Number of Copies Number of Copies

Number of Copies

Select the number of copies to send to the printer.


3 . Print Objects Only Print Objects Only

Print Objects Only

Check this option to only print the form fields and objects added in PDFtypewriter. This is very useful if you need to print to a form.


4 . Advanced Printing Advanced Printing

Advanced Printing

Checking this option will print via PDFtypewriter's internal printing calls, while this may increase printing quality, it may decrease in accuracy.


5 . Printer Setup Printer Setup

Printer Setup

Click Here to set the printer to print to or printer options.


6 . Select Print Method Select Print Method

Select Print Method

Select the software to print the PDF file.


Selecting PDFtypewriter will use the internal printing device of PDFtypewriter.


Selecting Ghostscript will use the Ghostscript library to print the PDF. Using Ghostscript generally results in higher quality printing than PDFtypewriter, but not as high as Adobe Reader. Ghostscript is only capable of printing in black and white, so only use this option on black and white PDF files. Some of the settings set on this dialog will not carry over if Ghostscript is selected.


Selecting Adobe Acrobat Reader will use Adobe Acrobat to print the PDF file. This option will only be available if Adobe Acrobat Reader is detected to be installed. Some of the settings set on this dialog will not carry over if Adobe Acrobat Reader is selected. Adobe Reader will generally produce higher quality results and is the recommended choice.


Adobe and Acrobat are registered trademarks and names of Adobe Systems Inc.


7 . Print Button Print Button

Print Button

Click Here to begin printing the current document.


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