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PDFtypewriter Help Files

Saving as PDF


Click the Save button or Save from the File drop down menu to save the file which you opened.

If this is the first time you've opened this file in PDFtypewriter, a backup copy of the file will be created before saving to avoid overwriting the original file in the event of a file saving error.


Click Save As PDF to save the currently open PDF document to a new location. This file will be compatible with PDFtypewriter for future editing, as such the file size may be larger than the original. If you want to minimize file size, click Save As Finalized PDF.


Click Save As PDF With Options on the Save As menu to save the currently open PDF document to a new location with advanced options. See:

Save as PDF With Options Steps. This option also allows you to customize the level of editability which should be preserved in the file.


Click Save As Finalized PDF to save the currently open PDF document to a new location, minimizing the file size and removing the editability information PDFtypewriter usually saves inside PDF files.

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