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PDFtypewriter Help Files

Upgrading From a Previous Version

Click Help -> Check for updates now

If a new version is available, you will be able to download and install it within our auto-update software.


Please note: Unless additional upgrade protection has been purchased, upgrades will only be provided up to 2 years after your original purchase. After such time, upgrades will be available for an additional fee.


To upgrade from a previous version of PDFtypewriter (before 5.x), click START-> CONTROL PANEL.   Find Add/Remove Programs.   Remove ALL CTdeveloping products (PDFtypewriter, PDFconverter, etc).   Then download the DEMO as described in 1.01 Downloading PDFtypewriter


Once you have installed the new demo version from the website, your pre-existing registration should be recognized and the full version will continue to be installed on your system.


NOTE: If you are upgrading from version 2.x or LOWER, the PDF2 files may not be able to be opened in this newer version. 3.x, 4.x, and all future versions ARE AND WILL be fully backwards compatible back to version 3.x (e.g. a version 4.2 CAN open a version 3.1, 4.1, OR 4.2 PDF2 file).   But files from the 1.x and 2.x versions will not be to be opened in these newer versions.




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