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PDFtypewriter PDF Printer Driver Help Files

Append to PDF Dialog

Append to PDF Dialog

Appending a a file to an existing PDF is done just like you would do to create a PDF or create an image.


Open the file you want to append in its default application. After you have opened the file and printed it to the PDFtypewriter Printer Driver, the PDFtypewriter Printer dialog will appear.




After clicking APPEND PDF, the above save dialog will appear.


Select an existing PDF that you want to append the output to.   Click the SAVE button.


Once you click SAVE, a PDF for the printer output will be generated.   It will then be appended to the PDF file that you selected to append to.


Please note, doing this has the unlikely possibility of damaging the original PDF file.   We recommend that you backup your PDF file (as you should back up all important files on your computer).   This function will work with all pre-existing PDF files (provided that there are no errors in the original PDF).   To ensure help best results, try to only use the append option with PDF files that were originally made with PDFtypewriter.



1 . Current Directory Current Directory

Current Directory

This displays and allows you to change the current directory you will be saving into.


2 . Existing Files Existing Files

Existing Files

This displays the files in the current directory. Doubling clicking one will choose that file as the one to append the output to.


3 . File Name Field File Name Field

File Name Field

Enter the name of an existing PDF file which PDFtypewriter can append the output from the printer to.



4 . File Type Selection File Type Selection

File Type Selection

Select the file type to save as. In this dialog, only PDF is a valid file type.


5 . Up One Directory Up One Directory

Up One Directory

Click Here to go up one directory.


6 . New Folder Button New Folder Button

New Folder Button

Click Here to create a new directory in the current folder.


7 . Open Button Open Button

Open Button

Click Here to open the selected file and append the PDF to it.


8 . Cancel Button Cancel Button

Cancel Button

Click Here to cancel the save and return to the Options window.


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