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Step 2 of 5 - Save as PDF With Options

Step 2 of 5 - Save as PDF With Options

This tab sets the level of editability for files saved using PDFtypewriter using the "Save" and "Save As PDF" options. The "Save As Finalized PDF" option automatically saves the PDF file using the Not Editable (slider all the way to the left) setting.


See Saving as PDF (3 of 5)



1 . Tabs Tabs


Click Here for additional options.


2 . Editability Level Editability Level

Editability Level

Use this slider to adjust the level of editability when saving.


Sliding this setting all the way to the left will ensure the smallest file size, however changes made in PDFtypewriter will no longer be editable. One step to the right of this allows for the file to be edited, however it will slightly increase the file size.


The further this setting is slide to the right, the larger the file, however the quicker the file will open in PDFtypewriter.


We recommend the default setting as it is a good mix between file size and editability.

3 . Save Button Save Button

Save Button

Click Here to begin saving the current document to PDF.


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