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Sorry, but all PDFtypewriter sales ended Jun 26, 2015.
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Testimonials from Our Customers

These are just a few reactions from our thousands of satisfied customers.

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  "I have found the program [PDFtypewriter] easy to use and faster than any other resource for forms work in our office. CT's commitment to development shows in the quality of these programs."
    -Colin Smith

  "This is the software [PDFtypewriter] that saved the day. Advertise more! Promote more! Get the word out so that this fantastic software can be found. I don't need it everyday, but when I needed it, it was worth its weight in gold!"
    -Ronald Slaton

  "Simply the very best *.pdf editing tool on the market today. Everyone interested in manipulating PDF formatted files should check out how easy and efficiently PDFtypewriter handles the chore."
    -Nabeeh Rahmaan

  "Oh my god I can't believe it! Finally someone came up with the answer to the PDF dilemma! You don't know how long I've been waiting for this! I work in the legal field and everything is in PDF format. Unless you want to spend big bucks for programs from Adobe to fill in forms, since of course they specifically cornered the market on PDF formats - a person is just flat out of luck! Until now - THANK YOU!!"

  "I use PDF Typewriter to transfer Word documents of my books and articles into a PDF format. I do a lot of cutting and pasting of assembled PDFs. PDF Typewriter takes only a few minutes to learn and it gets better with every new update. I have been using it for two plus years and it is one of my better investments of computer software. Thanks"
    -Jim Sparks

  "I find PDF Typewriter to be the best solution to my need to create universal files, for backup, when I purchase something online, want to send things to friends, etc."

  "Very much appreciate it. I have to say, your support is consistently superior to that of most companies ... very quick response, detailed, and helpful."
    -Deborah Valento

  "You have a fantastic product!! Keep up the great work!"
    -Charles Gilmore

  "Great Product! Keep up the good work! Really easy to learn and use."
    -Scott Rogus

  "The PDF Converter works flawlessly - exactly what I was looking for."
    -Dan Scharff

  "I was glad to find this utility. I had some forms that I needed to type information into. However, the prospect of printing out the forms and using a stand alone typewriter to enter the data onto the forms was NOT an option. Thankfully you created a product that will do just that! Thanks again."
    -Charles Thrall

  "It's great - does what it says it will and easily."
    -Nicolette Ormsbee

  "Excellent product at a competitive price."
    -Jose Marques

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