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Support for CTdeveloping Registration Problems

This page will help you work through any problems you may have registering your CTdeveloping product.

PDFtypewriter Registration

"Serial Number is incorrect. Please try again." Message

This means that you have not entered your serial number correctly, please check that the serial number exactly matches the one that was sent to you by CTdeveloping. We highly recommend that you copy and paste the serial number out of the email. Also, double check that you aren't entering 0's (zeros) as O's (o's) or visa versa.

Registering on Windows Vista / Windows 7?

When registering on Windows Vista / Windows 7, you should right click the PDFtypewriter Shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator". Then click "Enter Registration Information" and proceed with PDFtypewriter registration

PDF Printer Driver Created Files Still Marked DEMO

If after just registering PDFtypewriter, the PDF Printer Driver is still producing PDF files which are marked with the DEMO watermark, simply reboot your computer. The problem should correct itself upon the fresh startup.

Existing Files Still Marked DEMO

If after registering PDFtypewriter, existing PDF files still are marked DEMO. This is normal behavior. Files created and finalized (or created using the PDF Printer Driver) with the DEMO will remain marked with the DEMO watermark.

Other Problems Registering

Please open a support ticket

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